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Negative Ions Neutralize Free Radicals

Negative ions also work to balance the autonomic nervous system and improve gastrointestinal function. They can relax the mind and body, promote deep sleep, increase metabolism, stabilize appetite and blood pressure, enhance recovery from physical exhaustion, and help one feel refreshed and invigorated. Negative ions are essential to overall health. Below is a summary of the healing properties of negative ions.

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The Benefits of Ultrasonic and Photon LED Face Massager

The Ultrasonic and Photon hand held skin care device utilizes combination of deep penetrating ultrasonic massage with energy of LED light waves (photons). Recently used only in medical spas, the ultrasonic facial treatments are THE best for skin rejuvenation. Widely used in home skin care they are truly effective for sagging, aging skin as well as for acne sufferers. While the sound wave penetrates into the pores and destroys the oil blockage in hair follicles (one of the main reasons of acne formation), the LED light ceases inflammation and bacteria growth. LED converts light energy into cellular energy and is perfect for uneven, aging skin complexion. Product Link Indications for Use:The device can be used for solving such problems, as:·...

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Benefits Of Hydrogen Water

Animal studies and the few human studies that have been conducted, mostly in Japan, suggest that it may work as an antioxidant and to reduce inflammation. Oxidative stress from the sun, normal body processes and exposure to pollutants can damage cells and lead to premature aging and diseases like cancer. 

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The Benefits of Bath Bombs

Between work, love, friends, and social media, the life of millennial women can be truly exhausting. Luckily, there’s one self-care ritual we can count on to calm our minds and soothe our bodies: a long, luxurious soak in the tub. Of course, the perfect bath isn’t complete without a relaxing, hand-crafted bath bomb to make it really special. Most of us have experienced the relaxation and stress relief that comes along with a proper, soothing bath. But some of us have taken this “Just me alone time” activity to a whole new level with the help of bath bombs. If you’ve never heard of something called a “Bath Bomb”, we assure you there is nothing dangerous about them. Besides the...

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